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Cerpen Terbaru dan Bagus - taught from the first chapter. "He is very clever" muttered the password in his heart. Sandi attention to what is delivered Edelwis. "Now try this matter.

Edelwis send passwords work on the problems that initially the password can not. Sandi was working on it, and shortly password has already been completed about it. He gave the book that Cerpen Sedih contains the answer to Edelwis. "Mmm, that's right. You could be right! "Said with a smile toward Edelwis password. Sandi smiled sweetly at Edelwis for the first time. 

For the first time he smiled at me, Thank god." Inner Edelwis. "Now you explain that to me!" Continue Edelwis. "Probably not necessary, do not you already know everything?" The question is terminated password. "All right," replied Edelwis.

Post by merana (2016-09-09 14:33)

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Meng Apresiasi Cerpen Terbaik

Meng Apresiasi Cerpen Terbaik - Today it is math. Math is a subject that most preferred by Edelwis. Math teacher who is the mother Utami, a favorite teacher homeland. Utami mother's young age.

it is also very clever. Mother explained utami ago in the late hours of lessons as usual there was a quiz, which answer the question directly ahead. "Who will answer?" Asked Cerpen cinta on all his students. Edelwis raised his hand and said. Edelwis answer the questions correctly, he gets.

on the girl. "She's smart" Inner sandi.Seminggu passed Sandi and Edelwis remains the same as before. Edelwis rich Ma-Ma is a lot of talk does not do it on a password. Passwords rarely speechless.

unimportant so is . They both ask and answer when in learning, if one is not Cerpen Sahabat understood by a password, then he asked Edelwis, then her answer.  answered in the front, password eyes continue to focus.

Post by merana (2016-09-09 14:24)

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Pertama Ungkapkan Melalui Ucapan Kasih Sayang

Pertama Ungkapkan Melalui Ucapan Kasih Sayang - Through Speech Reveals First Love - minute all boys and girls gathered in the field, finally a sheet of paper that contains a list of students in each class posted on the bulletin board. All students dismissed from the field.

and clustered headed to the notice board. Edelwis run lifted her skirt, all eyes were on the girl who often called it. He has. see the leaflets. His name is in the ucapan selamat pagi she first picked up her skirts and ran toward the class which he now occupy. Edelwis came in the class that she was looking for.

she immediately opened the door, then went and sat in the front seat right in front of the teacher's desk. Edelwis do not like it when she sits in the back, that's why he ran.

to the new class is to occupy the front seat. He already sits neatly on the chair, with his arms folded on the table. Another student who had just entered the classroom, they all look Edelwis a strange look, probably ucapan selamat siang because his seat neat and hands folded on the table. But if difikir-think was not that Edelwis do.

Post by merana (2016-09-09 14:15)

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Pelajaran Puisi Yang Membuat Terharu

pelajaran Puisi yang membuat Terharu - Poetry lesson that makes Touched -  man this one closer. The story of a student who talkative as Ma-Ma with an indifferent student-ignored me. Math is pelantara to juxtapose two people were polar opposites.

Two semesters long holiday has ended. All students at the school's entrance. Everything was straight to class, because Puisi Cinta class is different from the previous. They all gathered in the field ceremony.

Likewise with a sisiwi Edelwis smart, not only famous for his intelligence sisiwi this one is also famous for its carefree or something, even classmates.

10 class time someone says "smart but unfortunately a lot of talk wealthy Ma Ma." Edelwis rich indeed Ma-Ma, a lot of talk that is not important. Edelwis now in grade puisi sahabat but has not specified his class, but he's definitely major in.

Post by merana (2016-09-09 14:06)

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Mencerna Kata Kata Yang Baik

Mencerna Kata Kata Yang Baik - Once upon a time, there lived a large apple tree and a boy who liked to play under the apple tree every day. He was happy to climb up to the top of the tree, eat the fruit, dozing in the shade of leafy leaves. The boy was so loved the apple tree.

Time passed. That boy has now grown up and no longer play around with the apple tree every day. One day she came to the apple tree. His face looked kata kata galau sad. Similarly, the apple tree is very loving little boy.

Come here and play with me," pleaded the apple tree.I'm not a little girl playing with trees again," replied the boy. I'd love to have toys, but I had no money to buy it.

The tree said, "Duh, I'm sorry I did not have money ... but you're allowed to take all of my apple fruit and sell it. You can earn money to buy toys're into. The boy was very happy. He grabbed all the ucapan selamat hari raya apples on the tree and left full of joy. However, after the boy never came back. The tree was back sad.

Post by merana (2016-02-29 01:52)

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